Social Media Management Using Meet Edgar

Learn How to Use Meet Edgar to manage Social Media accounts successfully

A Great Course For Social Media Managers
What are the requirements?
Some familiarity with Social Media is an advantage and a 'take action' mentality is essential.

Who is the target audience?
Social Media Managers, are you tired of scheduling tweets and updates? This course is perfect for you if you want to save time and be able to focus on building relationships. Better business relationships will make you more money.
What will I get from the course?

“This course is a step by step guide to Meet Edgar, the Social Media Management tool. In many ways Meet Edgar is the answer to your prayers.
Meet Edgar will enable you to:

* Build a Content library for your business and recycle posts
* Build Content libraries for your clients’ Social Media accounts
* Save hours per week!
In this course, I will show you what you need to do and give an insight into how I use Meet Edgar. Are you ready to have your mind blown?
Okay. Let’s get started.
The course is made up of over 1 hour of course material broken down into 28 lectures.

Intended Audience: Social Media Managers, solo-preneurs. If you work in a sector where Social Media use is restricted e.g. police, military, some financial careers etc then this course is not for you.

Meet Edgar Course Introduction
What is Meet Edgar?
Course Intro - How to Study This Course - Important!
What is the Biggest Benefit of Using Meet Edgar?
Is the Ability to Rotate Content Unique to Meet Edgar?
What is our Primary Goal for Meet Edgar?
Bonus Lecture - Getting in Touch With Me
Getting Started: Requesting an Invitation
Getting Started: Adding Your Social Media Profiles and Content to Meet Edgar
Importing & Exporting Data With Meet Edgar
Should You Connect Your RSS to add Content Automatically?
Is There a Quick way to add Images?
Meet Edgar and LinkedIn Images : What You Need to Know
Facebook: Can You Tag Someone in Your Scheduled Posts?
How do you set up Your Schedule?
What are Categories?
How do you Shuffle Content in a Category?
What is the Queue?
What is the Meet Edgar Users Group on Facebook?
Weekly Task Breakdown
Schedules - What Does a Good LinkedIn Company Page Schedule Look Like?
Schedules - What Does a Good Facebook Page Schedule Look Like?
What are Meet Edgar Statistics?
Data Backup: How I Back Up Data
Will Meet Edgar Integrate Other Social Media Platforms?
Social Media Automation: How Far Should You Go?
What are the likely Results of using Meet Edgar?
Course Wrap Up

What's included

  • 27 Video Lessons
  • 1 Text Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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